Wednesday, March 4, 2009


trying to keep up to date again!

March 1st- Kaitlyn showing off her cute hair after a day of messing it up, and a little attitude!
March 2nd- Layout
March 3rd- Layout
March 4th- Layout

Febuary '09

2/1- Kassel loves to clean up and even pretend to vacume!

2/1- Kaitlyn playing wack a mole with moms new wii game!

2/2- Layout of Kaitlyn playing on a police motorcycle at the Chino Youth Museum

2/5- card creatd with a sketch

2/6 Kassel falling asleep on the floor... looks comfy huh?

2/8- It's raining, it pouring! So the kids went outside to play in the rain!

2/8- This layout makes me laugh. "Some families have a few nuts..." the layout that goes with it says "Some have more"

2/9-looking handsome in his hardhat

2/10- Kaitlyn and Kassel making rice krispy treats for school.

2/11-Kassel at gymnastics, far in the back getting ready to flip over the bar!

2/12- Kaitlyns class, the girls were so cute the group hug was not prompted by me!

2/14- Happy Valentine's Day to us! Andrea and I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Costa Mesa!

2/15- Smores with Kaitlyn, YUMMY!!

2/16- Some cards I made some a card sketch challenge on Creative Scrappers

2/18 Kassel trying to do a sumersault

2/2o Kaitlyn stashing seashells in dad's pocket

2/21 Papa got Kaitlyn a Jeep! Lucky girl, I had to wait until I was 17!!

2/22 Kaitlyn decided she was going to wear dads clothes... too funny! Shoes and all!

2/26 A layout

2/27 Pump it Up Party for a freind from school. Kaitlyn and Kassel going down the huge slide!

2/28 A layout

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The rest of January!

1/17- Kassel's big beautiful smile

1/17- My friend/ step sisters' bridal shower along with out other old friend. We've been friends since we were about 5 years old! Crazy huh?

1/18- Layout about Kaitlyns Thanksgiving feast at school

1/19- layout of Kaitlyn climbing the Rock Wall at the pumpkin patch

1/22- Off to a good start, my breakfast for the road trip up north to the retreat

1/23- View from our beach retreat
1/24- heading home from the retreat (yes I take pictures while driving!)
1/25- Simple but very lovely...
1/25- Me and Klo, she's the queen of the Pazzle and has helped me out so much with my machine, I was excited to finally meet her in person at CHA!
1/27- My old friend Reilee that I ran into at CHA
1/28- Kassel's monkey toes picking things up! Gotta love it! Ken always makes fun of me when I pick things up with my toes!

1/29- A few make and takes from CHA

1/31- Who let this dirty feet monster in my house?!?!? Gotta love boys!

BAD BAD BAD picture taker, blagger, all of it!

I have majorly sucked at this taking a picture a day thing... I thought it would be alot easier then it is! And posting... yea I've been bad... Ok, off to try to update! No, it wont be a picture everyday but I will see what i have!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 13 & 14

Jan 13- My little gammer playing his sisters leapster! He was laughing and laughing, it was so funny! He had no idea what he was doing on it but he LOVED it!

Jan 14- Display board for the MOMS club founders day event.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 10-12

I think I have some pictures on the other camera for the 10th and 11th.... I sure hope so!
ETA- only SB pictures but they will do!

Jan 10- A page of my board book for GNO's!

Jan 11-swap items for a licence plate swap

Jan 12- Valentine Tag I created for a SS package. I cant get a good picture of it, but it has alot of glitter and crackle paint

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9

I had planed on making kaitlyn a skirt for Christmas eve but didnt get around to it, so what am I to do with red and white stripes fabric? Hmmm... maybe if I add pink to it, it wont be too Christmasy... What do you guys think? I also made the monogram shirt to go with it. It needs a flower or something on the monogram but didnt get around to it for school today!